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A Big Thank You

We would like to send a very big thank everyone who has participated in the Mensura Mask study so far. Over the last year we were able to collected hundreds of submission and it has helped us make huge strides in finding a solution to this very real problem.


For now we are pausing the submission portal while we analysis the data. This means you can no longer submit a facial scan via the website. 


Please feel free to contact the Team if you'd any questions.

Developing Innovative Strategies

Research driven initiative

Mensura Mask is a research-driven initiative led by a group of researchers from Imperial College London. It aims to develop a quick and cost-effective design-through-manufacture process for making custom-fit face masks, in order to provide additional support to healthcare services during public health crises. 


You can help us optimise our process by joining the initiative and upload your facial scan, which you can easily obtain if you have a phone with a depth sensor (e.g. Iphone X). In return, you will receive a free CAD model of the Mensura Mask tailored to you. Using a commercial 3D printer you can then fabricate your mask within hours. 

Please refer to Participant Information Sheet to find out how we protect your data.


The Problem

  • Current single use masks are an expensive recurring cost, have an incredibly limited lifespan and as many as 75% of them will end up in landfills or the oceans.​

  • Unfitted masks allow for air gaps around the edge of the filter which reduce the protective qualities.​

  • Even if a mask is fitted, the forces applied to the skin to secure the air-tight fit can cause lasting skin damage.

  • Incidence of skin damage as high as 97% has been reported among healthcare personnel managing COVID-19. A customised mask can be more comfortable and prevent cases of  mask-related injuries. However, not everyone has the time and expertise to create their own customised mask designs.








Mensura Mask aims to deliver a quick and cost-effective design-through-manufacture process for making custom-fit face masks, in order to provide additional support to healthcare services and the general public during worldwide health crises. The masks will be computationally tailor made for individuals, using the cameras from mobile phones, and will fit more people than current ffp3/N99 masks (due to rigid bodies). Furthermore, they will require less force through the mask for an airtight fit.

How to participate

  1. Take your facial scan (see instructions below for more information)

  2. Click 'Submit Scan' below to upload your scan

  3. Get CAD model of Mensura Mask* customised to your face from us via email

*Disclaimer:  This 3D model has not been approved by any regulatory agency and has not passed any laboratory test to show that it will protect you from the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), or any other air-borne particles. It is a prototype created with the aim of providing better fit, comfort and reduce cases of pressure-induced injuries for the public and medical professionals. It is not intended to replace any regulatory-approved face mask or respirator. The 3D model can be 3D printed and fitted with a range of filtering material. However, the performance of the mask depends on your choice of 3D printing process, printer, print material, filter material, etc. We cannot guarantee its performance. Use it at your own risk. 


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We are actively looking for funders, investors and collaborators from all fronts to help us bring our solution to the public and healthcare system. Potential areas of collaboration include: implementation in hospitals, filter materials, disinfection method, etc.


Contact us below if you are interested!

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