How to perform a face scan

General guidelines:

  1. If you have facial hair, make sure you are clean shaven.

  2. Remove glasses.

  3. Tie/pin all hair back so there is none around the face.

  4. Make sure there is sufficient natural light for the best results.

Scandy Pro

  1. Change resolution to 0.5mm.

  2. Hold phone about 20cm from face and rest your forearms on a table to stabilise them.

  3. Start the scan and turn your head from side to side very slowly.

  4. End the scan, and then check that you have captured the right amount of information. Check for holes and ‘floating particles’, and make sure that you haven’t scanned too much (i.e. your neck and shoulders).

  5. Export file as a compressed OBJ file in mm and send to your computer. Then submit the scan through the submission portal.


Bellus 3D 

  1. Bellus 3D have their own instructions which are straight forward.

  2. Please select FACE scan mode, not FACE + NECK or FULL HEAD.

  3. Export and upload the scan through the submission portal.

Video tutorials