Answering some of the recurrent questions about Mensura Mask

Scan related

·       What is the cost of getting the 3D facial scan?

Scandy Pro is completely free to use; you can download one free scan per day. If you want to download more than one scan per day, you need to pay to have unlimited scans.

Bellus 3D costs £0.99 per scan.


·       Is there a 3D scanning app with Android compatibility? 

We have tried several android facial scanning apps. Unfortunately we have not found one that can give a reasonably good quality facial scan. If we do, we will update on the website immediately. 


·       Export options is either an OBJ or STL file or to get a shareable link. Which method works with your website?

OBJ files are preferred because the colour and texture information help us to improve the goodness of fit for your mask. We currently also accept STL submissions but OBJ files tend to return better results.. If the file is too big (over 100 MB) it will need to be compressed/zipped.


·       How long does it take to get my 3D printable file back?

At the moment we aim to get your scan back to you within 5 working days. Typically this can be done within 24 hours but we are currently experiencing high level of traffic. Please be patient.


·       I don’t have access to an iPhone X, what can I do if still want to participate?

Ask your friends and family if anyone has an iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max, XR, 11, 11 Pro or 11 Pro Max to scan via the Bellus3D FaceApp. Or, with the Scandy Pro 3D scanner app you can use an iPhone X, XS, XS Max, XR, 11, 11 Pro. and the new iPad Pro (2018 editions or later).

If you have access to another form of 3D scanner that can produce good quality facial scans you can submit these instead. However, many of these scanner can be very expensive to buy and require a lot of post processing on custom software. 

Any submitted scan needs to meet our guidelines (Instructions) on the quality and size of facial scan for our system to work.

  • I have downloaded the Bellus 3D app on my iPhone, scanned my face as instructed and now can’t find it anywhere to upload to continue the process. It’s not in my photo album on my iPhone. Where is it for me to retrieve - other than in your own files which I can’t access? 

The Bellus scan will remain on the Bellus app until it is exported. To do this, you have to ‘unlock’ the scan by paying £0.99. Once it has been unlocked, you can export the scan as an OBJ ZIP file to your computer (email/airdrop are both good options). Once it is on your computer, you can easily upload it to our website.

Scandy pro scans work similarly, except you don’t need to pay a fee to ‘unlock’ the scan.


  • I have tried to upload my scan several times to your website and it is impossible. It weighs 100MB and I am using a MacBook Pro. Could you please advise?

The file has to be 'less than' 100MBs because there is a file-size limit (beyond our control) that does not allow to submit files even a tiny bit larger than 100MB.  If the file is not already in a .zip format, trying .zipping it and uploading it that should make it smaller.

If the file you have is already zipped, then you can either try to take another scan with an output less than 100MBs or use Bellus3D (which costs $0.99 per scan).

Printing related


·       I don’t have access to a 3D printer at home or at work, how can I get my mask printed? 

We do not have a specific manufacturing partner we recommend for printing. However, there are numerous 3D printing service provides available and good place to start is www.3dhubs.com.


·       How much does it cost to 3D print the mask? 

The cost of printing the mask will vary depending on location, which material you select, and which 3D printing process you use.  The two most common and widely available are;

1) material extrusion processes (e.g. FDM, FFF) such as Ultimaker, Makerbot, or Prusa machines.  A single build will typically use around £1 worth of material (~70g PLA), and about £60 via www.3dhubs.com.

2) Vat-polymerization (e.g. SLA, DLP) such as Formlab machines. This is a slightly more expensive option but gives a nicer surface finish. A single build will typically use around £10 worth of material (~60mL), and about £150 via www.3dhubs.com.


·       Where are filters available for the mask? 

We do not provide a specific filter or have a recommended supplier. There are a wide range of filter available online from as little as £1 to £20. These can then be cut to size to fit our mask. Be sure to check the filtration level is what you want; N95 or FFP3 masks have a filtration level of >95%. It is also worth getting filters that are water repellent or are electrostatic, as this will help the filter last longer and stop it becoming wet.


CPAP mask related

·       I suffer from Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) can you mask help me?

Initially we started this work to help suffers of OSA and we hope to have a product offering for you soon. Due to the COVID19 pandemic, we have had to focus all our energy to quickly ramp up a solution for customised face coverings and a potential clinical offering for healthcare providers. This has meant our CPAP mask project has taken a pause. Nevertheless, your participation in the Mensura Mask project will ultimately feed into our CPAP work as it uses the same underlying technology.